Nanny – sometimes “super”

On being a nanny and loving it.

Every. Single. Day.

I think of myself as being a very caring, observant and motivated person. I am well educated, well travelled and knowledgeable of many different cultures and customs. Above all else, I strive to be creative, passionate and positive around the children and foster an “everything is possible” mentality. Also, I just absolutely love interacting with little children – the laughter, the smiles, the black and white viewpoint. It really is that simple.

 As a nanny I ensure that the children are happy and safe at all times whilst facilitating every opportunity for self-growth and adventure. I like to keep children active and engaged, whether that be through arts and craft activities, baking healthy treats in the kitchen, or getting out and about to the many museums, zoos, parks, swimming pools and other fun activities.

 Naturally my days can be challenging. It’s not all puzzles, board games and baking (although these sure are fun). Often I find myself wearing many hats during my day-to-day duties, from pseudo mum and dad, to sole care-giver, to paramedic and doctor, to being the big sister and cool aunty, to policeman and judge presiding over sibling arguments and rivalry, to homework tutor/sports coach/musical instrument teacher/language teacher, to personal taxi service, to personal chef and general provider of amusements and fun whilst also being the voice of reason.

 Kids just have so much energy. Their vibrant personality and tenacity ensure that I’m constantly kept on my toes. It’s all in a days work and nothing gives me more of a smile than giving and receiving the lovely warm cuddles at the end of a long, event filled day.

 I like to think that I do my bit as a responsible role model and manage to pass on the tricks of life to those who toddle around on little feet, but for the most part I think they pretty much school me!


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