Coffee Rage

In another life time not too long ago, I was very much a hospitality person. I spent many years across all areas of the industry, from cleaning dishes as my very first job, to studying comi-havent-had-my-coffee-yet-dont-make-me-kill-you-funny-tshirt300mercial cookery with dreams of being a chef, to standing behind a coffee machine all day and training staff, to waiting tables in cafés and fine dining restaurants, to working in luxury hotels and even studying my under-grad at university in the field. What’s more, I tried my hand at managing restaurants – in where I took on the arduous and rather dubious tasks of all things associated with:

  • a) managing staff and directing traffic – my gosh, the pain of working with those who don’t care about doing a good job and who don’t appreciate the necessity for exceptional service, and
  • b) wrestling every single day with the finances – an all-consuming struggle in itself!

It was at this point that I left my career in hospitality, much to the surprise of those around me, and began my little foray into all things kid related. Although, to be brutally honest, the two are very similar. Both have me working with those whom I need to repeat instructions to, again and again and again and again until I think that I must surely be talking to the brick walls! Both require me to walk around and pick up after everyone and do a fair amount of “hand holding”. And lastly, both have me tearing my hair out at the end of some (most) days.

However, the advantage of my earlier career is that I’m left with just a little, tiny bit of knowledge under my belt. Knowledge and experience that I like to draw upon from time to time. So with that in mind, here is a little something that I feel like sharing today. It may be somewhat useful to those who may be struggling in this particular area.

“A note to all the Baristas out there, whether self-proclaimed or legit: a cappuccino is NOT a latté with chocolate on top. Nor is it a flat white with chocolate on top. Nor is a latté anything like a Flat White.”

Yes, Hipster Baristas, I’m talking to you – all you beard sporting, beanie wearing, checked shirt modelling guys (and gals) out there having a little boogie to the likes of Fat Freddy’s behind your shiny new La Marzocco machines. Listen up and listen good.

I don’t know why you all find this so hard, but apparently you do. Seriously, get it together!

And on another note – just because you give marshmallows to my kids and call them cute, I am not, (NOT!!!) going to forgive you for your lack of coffee skills. You’ve been warned.

… Rant – officially over.

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