Hey you, Flu Season, you be gone!

Trampoline jumping & running – doing the best that I can!

Wow, what a busy few days it’s been! The weekend just flew by and the week has followed in quick succession. I’ve barely even found the time to drink my many coffees that were made and subsequently left to go cold let alone manage to sit down for a few peaceful minutes to write about the ensuing madness. Come to think of it, I’ve barely even had time to get my thoughts in order to even be able to fill a very, very stark-white page.

After last week’s Friday-Fun-Day in where we baked some yummy Berry muffins (you can find the recipe here), Miss Charlie proceeded to tell me all about her latest theory on keeping fit and healthy. This one-sided conversation (one-sided only because I could barely get a word in and only just managed to say the usual “yeah”, “oh really” at the appropriate times) occurred whilst she performed backflips high on the trampoline.

Miss Charlie loves all things science and at school they’ve just been learning all about trees and the way they work to filter the air and the way the body works. The clever little cookie that she is has deduced that by spending at least half an hour outside every day doing some form of exercise means that she can stay fit and healthy. She understands that inside where the TV, Xbox, laptop and iPad’s can be found has “dirty” air. Dirty air and “dirty feelings” that will make you sad and unhappy and restless if you get trapped into spending too much time amongst it. She knows that by breathing in fresh, clean air, oxygen will spread through her body and keep everything running smoothly. She also is totally up with the idea that certain foods (like yummy Berry Muffins) are the kind of “treats” that become occasional foods and that colourful fruits and vegetables are every day foods!

As we’re currently enjoying a nice, crisp, chilly Sydney winter, being healthy is super important to all of us in the Brady Bunch household. None of us want to end up catching yucky things like the flu, with the exception of Kevin of course who is prone to enjoying “the man flu” from time to time.

Shh don’t tell him I told you guys, he still won’t admit it!

So it was with Miss Charlie’s lesson in mind that early on Saturday morning, so early that I’m pretty sure there were still icicles on the grass, that I mustered the courage to tie up my runners and drag my slow, sleepy body out into the cold to hit the pavement running! How else am I going to fight off the nasty colds and keep my body healthy and running smoothly! Even better was that once I was out there, smiling at all the other people doing the same thing and sharing in a common activity, the sun came up and the sky turned blue and the feeling of “it’s the weekend” finally hit me!!

Le Weekend!

Of course it helped that I was eager to try out my latest indulgence – my new Garmin Forerunner 610. Isn’t it pretty!!

Garmin 610

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