There’s One In All Of Us

Miss Charlie was home sick from school today. It was awesome. Unexpected and meant that I had to swap around my plans for the day, but great nonetheless. Because to be honest and in my own personal opinion (disclaimer: I am not a doctor), there really wasn’t anything wrong, nor suffering. She wasn’t sick. It was perhaps more of a “mental health” day. Which is nothing to be ashamed of, even at the age of 6. Especially at the age of 6. Hugs and cuddles are so very important and she probably just wanted to get in on all the one-on-one time that I spend with her little sister each day.

So we spent an awesome day together, just the three girls in the house. We watched loads of movies and played on the trampoline, jumped in the pool and enjoyed an impromptu picnic (I introduced Miss Charlie to the concept of Mezze plates, she’s officially on board. Winning).

The best part of her being sick was that she completely got away with wearing her pj’s all day. I’m not going to lie though, this is simply the best. I am secretly prone to this fashion statement from time to time also.

The only hurdle we faced was this afternoon when we decided to wander over to the park and the playground. Because you see, Miss Charlie’s pj’s are not your usual flannel two-piece set. This week her sleeping attire of choice is a “onesie”. Which I hear is all the rage at the moment. Interestingly enough, I’m still not 100% sure why some adults are keeping pace with this trend, but I can totally understand the kids loving it.

So it seems as though I gained a new friend this afternoon, gone was Miss Charlie, hello little monsters. We did a great attempt at joining the cast of Where the Wild Things Are. I certainly enjoyed the amusing looks we garnered from those passing by, but hey, at least we brought a smile to their faces.


Where The Wild Things Are

And yes, totes rocking socks and sandals. With a onesie. Vogue.

Come to think of it, I think I will have to go and dig that favourite book of mine out of the shelf and give it a twirl on the evening bedtime story slot. Grrr.

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