I’ll have what she’s having!

We stopped to indulge in ice blocks this afternoon. It was a surprisingly warm day for winter. It’s really  rather strange, I feel as if it hasn’t been that cold this year…Whatever, I’m not questioning it. Just enjoying it!

Miss charlie and I both got calippo icy poles. I got lemon and she chose raspberry. Oh, my gosh. How good are they, I haven’t had one in years!


She then pulled out the classic line,

“Can I try yours? I don’t know what it tastes like … sharing is caring!”

As I happily handed over my cool, refreshing indulgence for her to slobber all over (eww little girl germs!!), I couldn’t help smiling to myself.

Because, I have to hand it to her, she’s good. Really good. Definite skill working for her there and going the right way to getting exactly what she wants. Not just now, but forever.

As a kid, she’ll utter this line out of her sweet, little, innocent lips that don’t know any better and sway every unknowing suspect into giving her absolutely anything and everything on demand.

As a teenager in high school, she’ll use this ploy to her advantage so that she can sample all the cool foods that her friends buy from the canteen and never have to resort to the stale mouldy sandwich sitting in her bag. This reminds me of my high school years, the old.. “Oh you bought a Freddo Frog. Can I try? I don’t know what that tastes like”… Umm never mind the fact that it’s Cadbury chocolate!! That stuff really doesn’t change all that much. Well in taste anyways. But don’t even get me started on their packaging, that’s another gripe entirely!

And as an adult, Miss Charlie will roll out this line to successfully and artfully snaffle the delectably yummy desserts that her unwitting partner orders from the menu whilst out to dinner. This is an awesome technique, especially on awkward dates when you’re desperately trying to appear so cool, calm, collected and in control.

That’s right, I’ll have what she’s having!

… Miss Charlie, good luck to you. Stick with it sister, you’ve happened on to one of the great little skills that we women practice well. Just remind me the next time we go halvsies in icy poles to get my lick in first before it melts all down your arm.


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