Who’s really schooling who?

In case some of you don’t know, I’m currently studying my post grad degree to become a primary school teacher. I’m studying full-time via distance because I also carry the title of being the best nanny ever to my awesome kiddies. I make it work because I love both dreams equally. Sometimes it gets a little tough with the juggling act and requires a great deal of time management skills on my part. Luckily I have amazingly helpful people around me whom provide a constant stream of inspiration and encouragement.
Yesterday was one of those days where I just had to get it done, no stepping around it:
As I was finishing up the final touches to an assignment, (oh really who am I kidding, I spent all day and night on it and I’m still going strong!!!), I couldn’t help but draw some similarities between the dealings of a teacher and that of a nanny.
The assignment required me to consider the essential qualities of a teacher and how best those qualities could be used to get the most from their students. When I was on my 2nd or 3rd draft (seriously, I’m not kidding), I came across some interesting quotes. This one in particular:
“we know that both intentional and non-intentional teaching behaviours can enrich learner’s behavioural repertoires. Consider this example of a mother tutoring her daughter with her reading whilst sitting up at the kitchen bench. Whilst the mother does this, she also cooks dinner and cleans the kitchen. In doing so, the daughter observes these practices whilst reading and they then become ingrained within her cultural perspective and custom.”
Whilst I can see the ideals in this and believe that the educationalists’ viewpoints were all well and good in theory, all I know is this:
I can spend hours upon hours inadvertently teaching the kids about the cultural norms associated with house management, so much so that I “teach” them about how best to successfully vacuum a couch whilst its being sat on by children glued to the tv.
So far all of this “teaching” has resulted in a whole lot of work for me and not an ounce of learning from those damned kids…. (head, banging, wall, sigh, repeat).

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