Find a penny, pick it up.

Friday-Fun-Day: ice-creams, picnics in the park & sunshine.

Today was another great day at the office. One of those days when you just realise how awesome everything is and how much you love your job. I was all smiles.


This afternoon we stopped by the milk bar for ice creams and then meandered through the sprawling gardens of the best, most greenest park ever. Even Beansie (our cute little King Charles Spaniel puppy) raced around the park chasing her tail and jumping up and down for joy.

As Miss Charlie chattered away through mouthfuls of intensely yummy ice-cream, I suddenly realised that I was missing something. (I did the quick bag check – phone, keys, lip gloss, highlighters, toothbrush, pens, makeup, baby wipes, scissors, nappies, textbook, spare clothes, kitchen sink). I even found my purse. The only thing was that it was running a little on empty..

and so I set about eyeing up this little 6 year old “magpie” that  I happen to know quite well.

Usually I’m the first to jump at making a little pit stop at the store. We have a process: I hand Charlie some money and wait outside loaded down with the school bags whilst she goes in and decides what she wants. She then tells me how much it costs and we work out how much change she should get from the coins I gave her. She’s really rather good at this exercise, way better than me! The clever little cookie.

Although, she’s perhaps a little too clever. Just maybe. Because, it seems she’s taken a liking to pocketing loose change. In fact, it seems she’s taken a liking to pocketing any money that she can get her hands on. Note: we were playing pretend shops this afternoon and instead of paying for my goods with fake money, she successfully wrangled $20 out of me. That cheeky so and so!

On the bright side, I came across her treasure chest (actually a money box) this evening and I am pleased to announce that it is full of coins…and my $20 note…. but hey, at least she’s got the concept of “savings” down pat!




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