A busy few weeks: taking the plunge, deadlines and getting bitten by vampires.

So guess who’s back with a brand new rap! Well something like that, pretty sure my Eminem days are way, way behind me.

Well it’s been a crazy, whirlwind couple of weeks for Miss SheCanDo. Come to think of it, maybe I should correct that to read “SheCanDo. Sure. But slowly, very slowly indeed”. It seems I had to prioritize a few things.

First off I had to pack up all of my worldly possessions and move house. OK, so maybe I didn’t have all that much stuff. But the process was lengthy that’s for sure! This was because Kevin and I decided to move in together. Big move I know. I was reeling and my head was spinning for a good few days after we came to this decision. (Shhh don’t tell him I told you!) So a couple of weeks back I had the enviable task of apartment hunting. Not such an easy task on any given day but doing it whilst working was proving to be a little more challenging. I not only had the joy of having to fight off all of the other potential candidates to find my true favourite apartment, but I often did this during “work time” which meant I had gorgeous little bubba with me for all of the real estate inspections and negotiations. It made me realise just how difficult a scenario it can be to try to explain…

“Yes Mr. Pompous Real Estate man-in-an-offensively-shiny-suit-that-hurts-my-eyes, I am super young to have a baby but I assure you she is most definitely NOT mine.” Not yours? “Yes that’s right, she’s not mine”. How does that work? “Well you see, I’m her nanny. I just care for her as I would my own”. Oh ok… ( a look of dissatisfaction on his face.. “I assure you completely that we would be the perfect, sensible candidates for this apartment. Absolutely no crying babies in the middle of the night and little girls named Miss Charlie banging away on the piano in the afternoons….”

Seriously, I’m kind of surprised we actually got approved. But we did. And it’s the most amazing decision. Happy days. Yay!

After we recovered from the big move, complete with rather tense “discussions” about which piece of furniture should go where and who would get the final say as to how the kitchen should be arranged, came all of this other “adult” stuff. Talking openly about our finances, opening up joint back accounts, talks about buying a new car, going ahead with buying a new car, agreeing on furniture, fighting over cupboard space (of course I won), disagreeing on furniture, agreeing on this, disagreeing on that, planning holidays, planning massive overseas “running” trips months and months in advance, adjusting to cohabitation…. “No you absolutely can NOT leave that there!” Why? “Because I don’t like it!” Well what kind of reason is that? “Meh, geh, SO!”… It was like art.moving.in.tf, what happened to my safe little baby steps?? Did they get thrown out with that old mattress when we moved? I think I must have a sign on my forehead saying:

Ok sure, hit me with the big stuff why don’t you!

I got hit with a giant load of mid semester uni assignments at the exact same time that we moved. Of course everything all had to happen at once didn’t it. Just my luck. Definitely poor timing. It was the worst. Eugh. I think I’m still recovering. In fact I know I’m still recovering. I know this because I’m still finding random sheets of study notes that were flung around the apartment in a fit of uncontrollable desperation (read: rage!). After that I had a couple of days holiday from uni and anything that remotely resembled any kind of “commitment” and/or “deadline”. I went cold turkey. So much so that it took me a few attempts to remember my university login details once I resurfaced from my remote tropical island back into the depths of hell. Just saying, those times were tough.

And of course, I’ve always had my little kiddies to tend to. It is with deepest regret that I must inform you all that The Twins and Miss Charlie are absolutely obsessed with Twilight. I’m not kidding. They’re a few years behind the bandwagon, though I credit their youthful ages to this, they’re completely and utterly twi-hard crazed. Needless to say, it’s driving me insane. I do need to admit that I am a (closeted) Twilight lover myself. Well I was. When I was 16 and angsty and found it easier to wag school for the afternoon and disappear into the love story of Edward and Bella than it was to face a long drawn out couple hours of hell exposed to nincompoop teachers (and that’s not even getting started on the kids!). So I do hold the love story of Twilight close to my heart. What I don’t hold close to my heart however, is being told every 5 minutes by a serious faced Miss Charlie that she is in fact “a real vampire” and that if I’m not careful she will “bite me” and turn me into a vampire also. Although in complete contrast, I kind of wish Miss Charlie were to get mad at little Bubba and bite her. Yes she might end up looking like an Immortal Child, but would that really be so bad?? She’s growing up so fast each day and I just wish she would stay this little and cute always and forever. (See what I did just there, yep, you caught me. I’m a Twilight nerd too. Shucks). Tough times in the Brady Bunch household at the moment. Tough times.

Well that’s all folks. Looking forward to speaking with you all soon. Plenty more crazy she said what! and Friday-Fun-Days to fill you in on.

À la prochain. Bisous à tous. xx

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