Under house arrest on a rainy day

Putting a kink in my plans…

It’s a rainy miserable day here today. Ordinarily I’d kind of like it, an excuse to stay inside the house and do nothing much at all, an opportunity to do a little more uni work than “nanny” work. But I’m not feeling it today. My alarm went off at 6am this morning, complete with a reminder to get out of bed and go for a run. I’d deliberately put my phone on the other side of the room so that I had to get out of bed to turn it off. I’d succeeded in achieving the first part, the getting out bed part. Except for the fact that I promptly got back into bed.  And there went my plans for an early morning run. Awesome.

‘Never mind’ I thought as I raced to work with only a few minutes to spare (naturally I had not thought to set another alarm as I sleepily jumped back into bed), I’d go for a run later and take Bubba along with me. It made sense in theory, an attainable goal. Except for the fact that the rain decided to return after weeks of sunny, hot days that made us all think summer had come really early this year. This was the first hiccup to my newly formed plans and not long after came the second. Before I knew it I had found myself stuck inside under what seemed like house arrest.

One of The Twins had decided she was going to be “sick” today. Ordinarily I’d be caring and full of concern and waiting on her hand and food, if it weren’t for the fact that this was not an out of the ordinary type occurrence. It seems that Immy has developed a trend of suddenly falling sick right before she’s supposed to leave for school in the morning. Like literally, she’s jumping up and down and bubbly and chatting my ear off and then 10 minutes before she needs to get the bus she’s suddenly on the couch clutching her stomach in pain and begging to stay home.

So I’m just going to call it, FAKER!

Putting my reservations towards the validity of her ailments aside, it’s started to make me think. Is she facing some tough times at school? Is she fighting with friends or in the process of changing groups? Is she being subjected to bullying? Is she experiencing some kind of anxiety that is making her feel sick in the stomach and giving her stress headaches? Are The Twins separated at school, do they share different interests? This would be a surprise seeing as they’re practically inseparable at home but nonetheless a valid prospect. Is there a particular teacher giving her a tough time? If she were a few years older then maybe her desire to stay home would be much more realistic. She’d no doubt have copious amounts of homework and assignments and be facing the torment of boys and girls getting all mushy, the bitchy girls and the popular girls and all of the other horrible stuff that goes on in high school.

So instead of getting all worked up that she threw a spanner in the works for my plans today, I decided to spend some quality girl time with her. It seems maybe she could use a friend and someone to talk to that’s not Mum and Dad. Because let’s face it. No girl wants to talk to their Mum and Dad about these kinds of things. Whatever it is, I hope we get to the bottom of it now before she hits high school and things get a lot trickier to deal with.

What are your thoughts? Is it normal for 11-year-old girls whom are star students to want to skip school?

Tell me your thoughts

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