Friday-Fun-Day: School’s Out!

“Oh no, oh no. No. No, no, no.”

Was my reaction this morning when I realised that today was the last day of term. Yep, it’s that time again. School’s out. As of roughly 40 minutes, holidays officially started. The girls are all super excited. Me, well, maybe not so much.

Not only do School Holidays mean a break from those horrible early morning starts, no more heavy winter school uniforms and a break from the endless amounts of homework. But they also mark the arrival of copious amounts of Froot Loops to be eaten. Yep. There is this awesome rule in the Brady Bunch household that says Froot Loops may only be consumed as a special treat at certain times of the year, namely School Holidays. The loop-hole (hah. Fruit Loops, loop-hole. Hah. Get it??!) in this rule, as Miss Charlie was quick to point out to me, is that a limit of quantity consumed was never specified within the rules. Yep, you got it. They get away with eating Froot Loops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day, for two weeks. Lucky them! Although I’m sensing that there’ll be a most unpleasant trip to the dentist in the not too distant future. Oh well, makes the task of meal planning a whole lot easier!

10 things that they’re looking forward to these School Holidays:

  1. Sad to say that ‘eating Froot Loops’ currently holds the #1 spot
  2. Daily Horse Riding and Dressage lessons
  3. Play dates. Oh so many play dates. I should just give up on all cleaning and tidying now. It won’t even last 5 minutes with a house full of kids
  4. Pool Parties
  5. the Justin Bieber movie. Oh gosh. Oh no.
  6. Arts n Craft and attempts to burn down the kitchen (baking)
  7. Epic long battles of Monopoly
  8. All day Twilight movie marathons
  9. Being couch potatoes and staying in their pyjamas all day
  10. Going to the Zoo and the Aquarium, the museum, the park, the beach, the shops etc.

Things that (I’M) not looking forward to these school holidays:

1. Losing my peace and quiet during the day. For an entire two weeks.

On the other hand, I do get some more company. Even if it does mean more nonsensical chatter. I can do that. No problem. I’ve been told once or twice that I’m a little miss chatterbox myself!

Yep that’s about it. Yay for School Holidays. It’s going to be a jam-packed couple of weeks but one hell of a fun roller coaster ride. Everybody better get on board!

Oh and p.s. it’s Friday-Fun-Day, colliding with Last-day-of-term-day. Which means it’s going to be massive. Cue the ice cream, the chocolate, the lollies, the fresh-baked strawberry muffins, the mid-afternoon Katy Perry dance sessions, the takeaway Pizza for dinner. Oh and yeah why not, let’s finish up with more ice cream….

I’m so going to need a glass of wine tonight. Or maybe four. What the hell, may as well finish off the bottle. Care to join me anyone? Chin chin.


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