If only the banks did this too.

“Hey, I have a question.”

Miss Charlie says to me whilst tugging on my arm and getting all up in my face as I’m in the process of feeding bubba. I say sure, ‘fire away, but make it quick’!

“You know hobos….”

She pauses for a second as if waiting to see whether I’m following. I’m intrigued, she seems to have a rather strange curiosity towards such “hobos” of late – see an earlier post about giving to the “needy”.

“Sure. I know of some hobos,” I say, thinking about the guy that obtrusively tried to wash my car windscreen the other day whilst I queued for a traffic light and then gave me the rude finger when I decline his not very polite offer.

“Well why don’t they just go into the city to get money?”

Attempting to be diplomatic I say, “well sometimes some people don’t want to go and work for their money like everybody else, they don’t want to be sheep. Or maybe they can’t work because they’re injured or sick.”

“But in the city there are shops that give you money. Why don’t they just go there?”

I fumble for a bit, not quite sure what she was getting at this time. Was she in fact referring to ATM’s or Banks. Or Currency Exchange services? They all give you out money. It just has to be your money to being with. What else could she be talking about? She couldn’t possibly mean a Loan Shark could she? Surely not…? Right?! Seriously, what kind of tv has this kid been watching? Has she cracked the parental lock and caught up on Breaking Bad? No, no way.

She says,

“Yeah there are these shops in the city and hobos can go there to get money. They don’t have to do anything, they just have to wait in line for ages and ages first. And they’re always really hard to find.”

Ok hold up. Stop racking your brains. I’m finally catching on to what she’s talking about. Laughing so hard that I dislodge Bubbas bottle as though I’m trying to feed her through her ear, I say “Oh, I know what you mean. Yes, you’re exactly right Charlie. The Centrelink people deliberately make the process of government hand-outs painstakingly long and arduous to try to discourage you.”

(And that’s after you’ve walked around and around in circles trying to find it because parking is always a bi***! Then again, makes sense, hobos don’t really have cars do they). Shame their plan doesn’t work…



– Without a word of a lie. You heard it here first. Out of the mouth of a 6-year-old.



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