A baby minus the mess. The winning ticket?

Making memories, happy holidays.

So I started off the day with an early morning coffee. It was so good. Sunshine, lovely warm weather and amazing company.

It’s interesting that the promise of coffee will get me out of bed so early but self-imposed plans to go running don’t end up being quite so successful. I’ve decided that it’s kind of a thing that I maybe want to make into a habit. Check back with me in roughly 21 days, we’ll see how it’s progressing. Either the coffee or the running that is. I’m not fussed.

Work was pretty fun today. And I use the term “work” very loosely. Some days it really doesn’t feel like work. More like I’m just hanging out with this bunch of crazy fun girls who make me happy.

Miss Charlie dragged me to the pool this afternoon. She needed to cool down after being crisped under scorching heat out at the horses. Most unfortunately for them, they’ve all got major sunburn going on. The benefit though is that now they’ve learnt their lesson, there’s a 90% chance they’ll heed my advice for the need to apply sunscreen tomorrow. The first day of holidays always happens that way. It’s like a ritual of learning. You got to get burned.

photo 5


I got so jealous of watching her morph into an underwater sea-baby that I succumbed to temptation and kind of chilled out in the spa… p.s. coffee and chocolate better watch their backs, there’s a new favourite on the up and up. Coconut Water reminds me of Fiji and seems to quench my serious thirst. Like really, is it normal for a person to need to drink 5L of water every day? I don’t think so.

photo 4

The spa was the perfect reward for my sore, aching muscles after having run the Blackmores Sydney Bridge Run yesterday. It was so much fun. I credit my super speedy time (for my standards) to Kevin. I was feeling the pain by half way but he cheekily upped the tempo and spurred me on. Damn that man. It was such an amazing feeling to run down the middle lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That’s another tick for the bucket list.

Oh and this post run sexy-ness is where it’s at!


The rest of the day was spent doing lots of cuddling. Love this little girl, she’s super special. Seriously. Who needs Xanax when you get to hug this tiny bundle of goodness every day?!

photo 1

People often tell me that I’m so lucky because I get all the benefits of having a baby, simply without the drama of the 2am and 4am feeds. This is true. But I’m not so sure it’s the winning ticket. One day (a day that I’m going to not think about until I absolutely have to) she’s going to grow up and go off to school and have no need for a nanny anymore and I’ll have to say goodbye. That day is going to be sad. Until then, I’m going to love every adventure along the way.

And that’s about it from me. Making memories and enjoying the school holidays. I wonder what kind of fun we’ll get up to tomorrow? I’m feeling the need to get the kitchen a little messy. Any requests?

À la prochain. xx


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