Pushing up daisies.

Musings from Miss Charlie…

You know, you’re pretty young to be an adult.

Well yes I guess you could say so. I am on the very young side of “adulthood”.

So then how come you get to be my nanny?

Well to be honest, the best part about me being young and also being your nanny is that I get to have so much fun with you! You wouldn’t be so happy if I looked really old and didn’t like jumping on the trampoline or didn’t like your jokes. A person who looks after you and is called a “nanny” is very different to your nanny and poppy who are daddy’s parents, even though we have the same name.

Good point! You know, you’re pretty smart for a “young adult”. How old are you again?

(Insert a 2-minute guessing game of “higher”, “lower” of ages ranging from seventeen to forty and finally settling on the jackpot of twenty-two).

Twenty-two! That’s like, sooooo old! Are you sure you should be jumping on this trampoline?!

… Jeez thanks Charlie. You’re just full of love today aren’t you. I better be careful. At this rate you’ll have me lumped in with the oldies and pushing up daisies before I even hit my prime. And here’s me thinking I could just cruise along. Watch-it, blink and you’ll miss it.

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