Fighting the crowds to meet the dolphins.

So we went to the beach today.

Yes it was hot. Yes it was super jam-packed and busy. Yes we had to fight the crowds to find a car-park and then fight off the same crowds for a little peace of sand (preferably in the shade).

But my gosh it was beautiful. A picture perfect day. And well, I guess that’s kind of what I did. Take pictures. That’s what happens when you’re snap-happy. The pistachio gelato may have influenced that slightly. Just saying.

photo 4


photo 3


photo 1

p.s. It was Bubba’s first time at the beach. Congratulations to her, what a milestone. Way to get her started on a true Australian past time from such a young age. It was an introduction that she’ll remember for a lifetime. The fresh salt air, the cool breeze blowing, the harsh glare of the light coming back off the water, the greasy skin coated with thick heavy layers of sunscreen, the sand between her toes. The sand all through her bag. The sand mysteriously finding its way into any number of drink bottles. The sand in her glasses and sunglasses and their respective cases. The sand all through her coin purse. The sand throughout each individual page of whichever book or magazine she may be thumbing through so that as she turns the page it crinkles and becomes sticky. Come to think of it, she may as well just prepare herself to have sand go everywhere. And anywhere. Because that’s just what it does…

No, that gritty feeling in your mouth is not toothpaste. It’s in-fact sand.

That’s the beach for you. Heaven in liquid form.

Enjoy. Love it. Live it. Look after it.

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