Home alone and unsupervised.

I don’t think so. No really, it’s not true. Despite the assumptions made by most people on the other end of the phone.

No wonder I’m often apprehensive towards answering the phone. There’s nothing worse than having the person on the other end say,

“Is your mummy or daddy there sweetie?”

Um no. Matter of fact, they’re not. I’m twenty-two. I just have a sweet sounding voice. Got a problem with that?! Yeah that’s right. What you gonna say now, huh?

… I had another brilliant experience this afternoon. Really brings together the argument to get rid of the fixed line altogether and just stick with mobiles. At least then you (I) can screen calls. And by screen calls, I mean not answer any calls. Yep, guilty as charged. I’ve been known to not answer calls whilst having my phone right in the palm of my hand.

“I’ll simply call them back later!”

I say to myself, trying to rationalise my somewhat strange phone etiquette. Though can you really blame me after having routinely gone through the above mentioned seriously awkward conversation.

Any one else had a similar experience?


Tell me your thoughts

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