Tuesday: the new hump-day

It’s Tuesday.

Not quite yet hump-day. But its dragging all the same. We did have tentative plans to go to The Zoo today. But we rescheduled when I checked the weather forecast and saw that afternoon storms were on the agenda. Yep, that wasn’t going to be such a great day out at the zoo.

So we’ve instead been making the most of our time spent inside. As we’re now well into our second (and final) week of the school holidays, it’s highly possible that I am slowly running out of fun-laden activities to keep us all occupied and happy. Disclaimer: I’m actually full of ideas but my material (the kiddies) that I have to work with are kind of holding me back. It doesn’t help when they are self-proclaimed hermits who would rather watch back-to-back episodes of iCarly and Big Time Rush than venture out into the great unknown. Talk about needing a good ‘ol push!

We’ve absolutely turned the kitchen inside-out and upside-down making pancakes, brownies, various fruit muffins, cupcakes and cookies. We’ve turned the house-work into games (yay for getting the laundry done ahead of schedule). We’ve played board games and numerous variations on the classic hide ‘n’ seek. We’ve done arts n craft and colouring in. Oh my have we done some colouring in (sadly I’m pretty sure the red texta is never, ever coming out of the carpet).

We’ve even made a fairy house for our special little fluttery friends out in the rose garden. (Ok so this was probably my favourite activity to be honest. I’m a sucker for some glitter, coloured paper and a glue stick!).

What else can we get up to in the coming days that will entertain a house full of girls? Any ideas you’d like to share? Help is needed!

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