Cops n Robbers: Shoot ’em Up, Cowboy!

Musings from Miss Charlie…

Have you ever seen a policeman with a gun?

Yes, I have actually.

Do all policeman have guns?

No, I don’t think so. Some don’t carry guns. Some have tasers.

What’s a taser?

Well,  I think it’s a kind of gun. It doesn’t have bullets. Instead it gives the person an electric shock that makes them become temporarily paralysed.

Oh OK. THat’s weird. Wait, so, a “policeman” means a man. So then what do you call a policeman who’s a woman?

Actually, the proper thing to say is “police officer”. That way there is no set male or female gender implied.

OK. Anyways, so why do police officers have guns?

So that they can protect themselves and other people from the baddies of course!

Would they shoot the baddies? Because that wouldn’t be very nice, they’d be just as bad as the baddies if they did!

Good point, they would be. They never want to have to shoot anybody but sometimes they might have to act in “self-defence”. If the baddies are going to shoot the police officer or another person and the police officer can protect them by shooting the baddies, then they will.

Yeah, makes sense. That doesn’t sound too bad. So then why don’t the police go and shoot all the baddies so then they won’t have to worry about anyone shooting people. Then after that they won’t have to have guns anymore.

“I don’t think that would be a very good idea,” I said as I tried to stifle my laughter. If they did that, they’d be just like the baddies. Besides, cops and robbers ends in hard jail time, not death. Your suggestion would enter them into “good cop/bad cop” territory.

… Talk about a serious logistical and bureaucratic nightmare. Nanny-state anyone? Potential law-suit anyone?

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