Whine time or wine time?

Hooray for the weekend. Hooray for wine o’clock!

Although my brain seems to be confusing it with “whine time”. Considering that wine is only the best thing ever, I don’t know how this confusion could happen. Except for the fact that,

I’m at deadlines again.

Cue mega frowns and pouts and a decent amount of self dismay at not having gotten them out of the way sooner… I’m my own worst enemy.

In my defence, I state that when you have a gorgeous little baby to play with all day, a little baby who’s just started babbling and giggling incessantly, there’s really not a good chance of anything much else happening. As in study and uni work. Nope, not at all.

Sadly, no hoorays for my weekend plans. This is what I’m facing:


As you can see, I really am a list-maker type person.

It’s the Part B that I’m slightly worried about. Blank page = worse than writer’s block.

Oh well, at least this is a slightly happier way to attack it:

Red Wine

Happy weekend to you all. Feel free to leave any advice related to Part B (Bloom’s Taxonomy & Authentic instruction) – as you can see, it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Ciao. xx

3 responses to “Whine time or wine time?

  1. I hope you stopped whining and wining and got what you needed done. Sometimes you just have to do it! (But who wouldn’t rather play with a gorgeous baby? – More fun than an assignment any day!)

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