Yawning, what causes it?

I’ll tell you. It’s simple. Scientists may not know for sure. But I can tell you this:

As soon as I start reading aloud, I start yawning.

How is that? Why is that? Please someone explain this.

It doesn’t make any sense. It’s 7pm. I’m wide awake. I’ve got a mountain of things to do still. It’s the kiddies bedtime, not mine.

It’s really hard to make reading time work properly when I’ve got to interrupt each sentence to yawn, kind of doesn’t help the story line to flow all that well. Although, perhaps it’s a genius method to ensure the kids are following and not lolling off distracted (which will undoubtedly force me to read the same chapter again tomorrow night to “recap”). It makes the adventures of Captain Underpants slightly boring and turns the story of Cinderella into an epic-long tale.

The power of the yawn does many things to keep story time in business. In fact, perhaps the only thing my yawning doesn’t do, is make the kids yawn.. hmm and I thought yawning was supposed to be contagious!!

Gah, go to sleep already kids. Nanny was promised her peace and quiet. Ho hum.

One response to “Yawning, what causes it?

  1. You have a very busy life. Could it be that as soon as you get into a sitting or reclined position your body thinks it’s time to stop and relax? I know my does. No matter how hard I try it is almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open when I am a passenger in a car.

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