Tutus & Attitudes: Black Swan Theory.

Investopedia lists the ‘Black Swan theory’ as being a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise…

Well I sure got a surprise. In the form of some unexpected sass.

Miss Charlie was super excited to see me this afternoon because she wanted to show me her new moves. Dance moves that is. Groovin’ on the dance floor.

Her older sisters had shown her some of their ballet lesson, to which Miss Charlie was feeling uniquely accomplished and very much grown-up.

She raced upstairs to change whilst I waited with bated breath. I had the sneaking suspicion that this was going to get interesting. She then pranced (there’s not other word for it) down the stairs in an outrageously hideous vivacious pink tutu and matching leotard.

And here’s the kicker, not with ballet slippers and stockings. But wearing little white socks with lacy white frills on her ankles. Super cute. But not so great on the slippery floor.

She then proceeded to display a few ballet moves. And I have to admit, she did look rather gracious. Despite the pink.

In an effort to seem knowledgeable on the subject, I cast my mind back to recall the limited ballet knowledge hidden away in the depths of my long-term memory. This knowledge was very much hidden and very much limited as I’m pretty sure my debut into the ballet scene lasted all of one half-hour lesson when I was 5-years-old. I cried and cried and simply refused to go back ever again. It was horrible. Torturous.

And so I asked Miss Charlie if the pose she’d just held (she’d done something unnatural with her legs and feet to make her knees look scarily wonky) if it was called a plié. To which she replied,

No. It’s not a plié, whatever that is. It’s called the “step right, step left, da-da, tra-la-la”.

… Nice one Charlie, that sounds like my kind of ballet! Such a little,

Prima donna. Or should I say, “ballerina”.


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