Solids and The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning.

OK so we’re still working on the contented bit!

A Baby Cereal beard!

A Baby Cereal beard!

It’s been a week now since we started introducing solids to the little one, solids on more of a regular basis that is. It’s been one week of torture some could say. Well torture compared to the usual behaviour that I’ve grown accustomed to.

She turns six-months-old this week, my gosh she’s growing up so fast. Every milestone feels bitter-sweet. We’re so happy that she is reaching the all important developmental goals, but we both kind of wish she’d stay this little forever. I kind of wish she’d turn into a little Immortal Child like in Twilight. I talk about this here. Because you see, Little V is one amazing little baby, so happy and laid-back. She’s an absolute dream to look after. To be honest, caring for her as her second mum, she has spoilt me. I think I’m going to be in for a shock when I get around to having kids of my own one day. Mum (and probably Kevin too if you’re reading) you can start breathing again, that day is still a very long time away)!!

Despite how easy my little baby usually is, this week has been tough. Introducing solids as been an uphill battle. A very steep and rugged uphill battle. I know she’s ready for it, and we’re following the most amazing book ever. I was lucky enough to consult The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning when I cared for my favourite little Zacetac, so it’s great to be able to do it again with little baby V. But let me tell you,

I’m fairly sure that more food has landed on the floor, on my clothes and in my hair, and all over V’s face, than in her mouth.

Cue very hungry, tired and grizzly little baby. All day. Oh and she’s teething… joy!

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