Domestic duties & kids = failure

So this is how I’m feeling today. It’s pretty daunting, this concept.

Cleaning with Kids

Source: Pinterest

Where to even start?! This is the million dollar question. Especially when you know that within half an hour of the kids being home this afternoon, it’s going to look as though I haven’t done anything at all.

I wish I could just lock them all up outside for a couple of hours. That’s not a bad thing to wish for is it? Is it?! I’d totally give them food and water. And then laugh at them through the glass door….. Oh I’m such a child.

At least then when Boss Mum gets home and I could fulfil her dream of having a beautiful show house… A show house that lasts only 5 minutes that is. I mean come on, be realistic here. It just ‘aint gonna last!

Oh well, guess I’ll go tidy up the kitchen and see what I can uncover…. Oohh Oreos. Yummy.

Now where is that magic Cleaning Fairy when I need her!!

7 responses to “Domestic duties & kids = failure

    • So true. It’s great to be able to uncover all of the hidden treasures. Except for when they finally find a toy they’d forgotten about and decide it’s their new favorite and then your plan to de-clutter goes pear shaped!

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