Warning! Angry Birds: golden egg laying season!

The kids and I went to the park the other day. We went for a little post-school playtime.

We were four instead of three because I’d brought along little Beansie, the family dog, for some much-needed run-around-in-circles-and-jump-up-and-down-like-a-crazy-dog time! We walked along side by side, holding hands and waving them above our heads. To the average peeping Tom in the bushes we must have looked kinda crazy but there was method to our madness. Rather impressed with myself, I’d remembered that there was a particularly savage group of little birds that liked to swoop down and clip your ears if you just so happened to walk within a 500m radius of their nests. Of course I knew this because I’d learnt the hard way a couple of mornings earlier. You would have thought they were protecting little golden eggs or something given their antics. Overreactive feisty little screeching so-and-so’s!

Waving our arms (me secretly enjoying the impromptu arm work out, be gone tuck-shop lady chicken wings) we successfully escaped the threat of imminent danger by fluttery fliers. Until Miss Charlie ran off into the playground, effectively disbanding our awesome foursome, that is. From that point, it was all out war. Poor little Beansie found herself caught in the middle of an open field, not knowing whether to sit very still and cower or run to take cover.


After several minutes of terror and a mix of jumping up and down and then hiding behind the pram, I decided that things had to get real. I began throwing my shoes at them. And surprise, surprise, my aim wasn’t that bad (thank you all those years of Netball). Note: this is perhaps the only time I would ever approve and partake in violence against animals. It was survival of the fittest.

As my rather stinky dark blue converse shoe made contact with a tiny little evil bird, sending it spiralling off into the distance, I felt as if I was in a real life game of Angry Birds. Yeah you know that slightly addictive game that has the most annoying yet catchy music ever?! That one.


Nanny & kids: 1

Evil Tiny Birds: 0

I’ll keep you updated as we move up the levels and the seasons change.

Ha ha take that you pesky little so and so’s!

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