Master Chef Junior: The Soufflé. What The…

Musings from Miss Charlie…

Look at this book. I got it yesterday, I’m so excited! Can you help me make a bookmark for it?

Sure thing! It’s good to use a bookmark, that way you can keep track of what page you’re up to and not have to turn down the corners of the page. It’ll last longer, they [the books] always get so tattered otherwise.  Shall we cover the bookmark in stickers and glitter?

Yeah, sounds good! I need it because I want to stay on track with this book so that I can finish it in time for Christmas.

Why in time for Christmas?

Well then I can ask for the whole series for Christmas and spend all of my Summer Holidays reading of course. I want to do lots and lots of reading! [Silly me, I guess I should have known that. Because she does so much reading usually…]

Yeah, go Charlie! I know you’d start to like reading sooner or later. It’s just the best thing ever isn’t it?! Reading is such a good hobby to have. It’ll make you very clever and you’ll be able to talk to anyone about almost anything. You’ll learn lots of new things and be able to use many different words to say what you really mean.

Exactly. Then if I go to a fancy restaurant I can order the Saffolo Soufflé and actually know what it is. That’ll be good.

OK, don’t bother me any more this afternoon [do I usually??], I’m going to be in my bed reading.

…Oh at last! Very cool Miss Charlie. You’ve made me proud today. It’s about time you kicked the TV habit for the book-worm habit. Now that’s something I can get behind and support. Also, I’m not sure what kind of Soufflé that is but it sure sounds intriguing. Come to think of it, just what kind of book is this?

Does the ‘B’ in Billie B Brown stand for Baker?       …Billie Baker Brown: the Master Chef and creative talent behind the Saffolo Soufflé.

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