Mission “Eat Clean”

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food”

– Errick McAdams

This is my mission this week, for both at home and at work. I try to limit the bad foods that enter the house, particularly at work, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen… thank you Boss Dad for helping out and doing an impromptu grocery shop but you’re not helping my cause to get your kids eating healthy!

FYI: the kids are not on board. Yet.

My solution to this problem is newly developed, although perhaps not all that unique:

…Store all of the bad foods up high on the top shelf…

Out of sight, way out of reach and therefore far out of mind. It not only works on the kids (whom thankfully are all height challenged like me) but also to the unsuspecting middle-of-the-night-snacker who can’t find the foods from their usual spots in the cupboards. Sneaky sneaky!

So far so good, Mission “Eat Clean” is off to a steady start. I’ll keep you updated of any bumps that may arise. Also, You can see just how well the Clean Eating mission is going for me in Week 2 of The Summer Challenge.

Any suggestions as to how to convince the kids to swap out their tiny teddies for tiny veggies will be greatly appreciated and generously rewarded with carrot sticks. That got your attention didn’t it!



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