Is the Tooth Fairy selective?

Outsmarting the Nanny. Again.

Charlie and I were chatting in the car yesterday en route to the shops. I’d brought her an apple to tide her over until we got to our destination which she was munching gingerly on – her first tooth is almost out. Yay! (She’s only the last one in her class to lose her baby teeth and has been waiting with not much patience for months now). She then asked me this gnarly question:

“Why doesn’t the Tooth Fairy come to adults?”

Stumped, I stalled for a couple of seconds, blabbering nonsense. How could I tactfully say that adults didn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy any more, so soon after I’d just successfully convinced her of their factual existence a few months prior!

Thankfully (or so I thought) Charlie jumped to my rescue:

“I know, of course, it’s obvious! Adults don’t lose their teeth!”

Of course. You’re absolutely right Charlie. Why didn’t I think of that? There I was trying to be diplomatic and missing the glaring obvious.

Outsmarted again. Seems like a regular occurrence for me these days. Cheers Miss (smarty-pants) Charlie.

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