How To Get The Perfect Coffee Every Time

The Essential Coffee Ratio:

25% coffee beans + 25% coffee machine + 50% barista = The Perfect Coffee

The BF and I were discussing this ratio over our morning caffeine hit.

Double Ristretto

We can be found doing this multiple times a week.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to have breakfast at home...

We know the owner, the barista, the beans and the menu by heart.

Regular-customer-syndrome or creatures of habit?

As regulars (or self-confessed creatures of habit) we tend to test the boundaries by drinking the always changing Single Origin beans instead of the regular Campos.

I know there’s a whole lot of Campos lovers out there, so sorry to disappoint, but I’m not entirely a fan. Just keepin’ it real y’all.

As drinkers of true espresso (black) coffee, long blacks & double ristrettos, we concluded that our favourite little café was one of the few to get this ratio right. Time and time again. So,

Hats off to you guys, a big shout out to the owner of The Espresso Room, you’re on to a good thing!!

The Essential Coffee Ratio reminded me of my Coffee Rage Post, a past rant from July, 2013. Here’s a little excerpt:

A note to all the Baristas out there, whether self-proclaimed or legit:

“A cappuccino is NOT a latté with chocolate on top. Nor is it a flat white with chocolate on top. Nor is a latté anything like a Flat White.”

Yes Hipster Baristas, I’m talking to you – all you beard sporting, beanie wearing, checked shirt modelling guys (and gals) out there having a little boogie to the likes of Fat Freddy’s behind your shiny new La Marzocco machines. Listen up and listen good.

“I don’t know why you all find this so hard, but apparently you do. Seriously, get it together!”

For more on COFFEE, HOSPITALITY AND HIPSTER-BARISTAS – Click the link here to see my post on Coffee Rage.

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