I Am Not Superwoman – And That’s OK.

Running and Exercise:

How to find the balance between it and everything else – family, work, friends, study, personal time.. life?

This question has been playing on my mind lately. Perhaps because although I did admit to being one who likes to wear many hats, sometimes it can be something of a challenge.

I know that finding this all important balance is an important issue and a key concern when reflecting upon our lifestyles of choice. We’re left wondering:

When all of the different areas of your life demand the same level of input, which area falls behind?

Which one goes by the wayside?

Does it happen willingly and by choice or do factors beyond our control ensure that we drop the ball on things we’d rather not?

Because I’m sure as much as we’d like to keep juggling everything, there’s only so much of us to go around. Sometimes we’ve got to let something go to be able to focus on another. Yet the question remains, when you have a goal in place such as I do with my Summer Challenge,

How do you determine your priorities?

Which duty replaces the other in the order of your daily To-Do list?

Or is there a secret to keeping all of those balls in the air?

The master juggler knows these things. To-Do List Item 99: Ask the juggler his secret!

The answer: You Don’t!

That may come as a shock. It certainly did for me. For many a time I would read articles about ‘how to get everything done’ and ‘how to balance school and running’ and tried things like:

  • getting up earlier
  • getting my workout done in the morning (they say it’s benefits are better than caffeine)
  • managing my time and planning out my days to within the hour, well in advance
  • eating well to nourish and energize my body, and to
  • get a good night’s sleep – many and in a routine

When really what I was looking for was a way to get more hours out of the day. I wanted the ability to pause the time on the clock, and failing that, the ability to go without sleep. I mean, there’s a whole 8 hours that I could be utilising more effectively, right?

Of course these are all essential points, and when combined together they actually do have a positive result. But the reality is:

Something has gotta give.

The important thing, and something I’m steadily learning, is that we must readily accept this. ‘Something has gotta give – and that’s ok.’

We had a wet weather weekend over here, well a wet week to be more exact. The relevance is that whilst I love the rain, I love running and I have absolutely no problems about combining them, for one reason or another it just didn’t happen. Instead we stayed inside and read books and drank tea. It was bliss but not so great for my Fine, Fit & Fabulous for Summer goal. So I’ve had to remind myself yet again that we can’t always make everything work. I can only juggle so many things and some things have just gotta give. Sometimes it’s just like that, it happens.

Something else that I’ve had to learn is to focus purely upon today, a little on tomorrow and not to stew about that days gone past.

Today I am Happy!

I’ve applied this philosophy to many areas of my life, but perhaps most significantly to running. Where in the past I would attempt to make up for a missed day by doubling my kilometres in the days afterwards, I’ve now learnt that this doesn’t achieve much. It only doubles my workload, doubles the pressure, creates extra strain on my body and increases the risk of injury and time sitting out on the sidelines.

So yes it rained all weekend and I spent it indoors doing nothing much, yes I didn’t pile on the miles like I had planned for and yes things could have been different. But what’s done is done. The body and soul reversed its priorities – and that’s ok.

Today I am not stewing, I am not going to be surly for changing my plans and I am not going to punish myself with increased work loads.

Today I am happy!

– Anyone else juggling a million things at the moment? What’s your usual weekend routine? The weekend: gym time or rest time? What’s the first thing to go, running or your ‘me time’?

Tell me your thoughts

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