Ditching The Gym, But Not My Runners

Working out to make you feel good & 5 Things Personal Trainers Won’t Tell You.

2013 has been my year for change. Not to discount other years, because they’ve always seen a whole lot of change too, but this was the year that I made a few decisions – and I stuck with them! Lo and behold, those New Years resolutions actually can stick!

It has been my year, in the sense that I owned it! Yes, a little self congratulations is always a good thing.

For 2013, one of my main decisions was to drop my love/hate relationship with the gym. Gone, bye-bye, see you later, au revoir, sayonara, miss-you-won’t-really-miss-you. But, of course there’s a but coming, this didn’t mean the end of exercise altogether. I may have said goodbye to the gym, to the sweaty machines, to the prissy men and women checking themselves out in the mirror and even to the personal trainers, but I very quickly said a big hello to the great outdoors.

Hello sand and beaches, hello bush tracks, hello open parks, grassy fields, running tracks and glorious pavements surrounding majestic waterways. We pounded the ground together, stopping every once in a while to snap a picture and never once failing to appreciate the beauty. We became well acquainted and good friends. Before, I didn’t know that we could be friends, I thought we were too different, too lacking in motivation and ability, but I’m so glad we were introduced. Our new friendship has meant that I have not stepped foot in a gym this year, I guess the gym friendship was ‘un-friended’ – sorry-not-sorry!

This year has been life changing and even though I’ve still got a few more weeks left in it, I can already say that it has been a success.

Start To Be Great

So for today’s post,  I want to direct you all to Chelsea at Eat Well and Travel Often. Her blog is full of great “How To’s” and tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle that includes a generous serving of exercise and travel. If you ask me, that really is the recipe for a healthy and happy life! So in the spirit of ditching the gym, here’s:

5 Things Personal Trainers Won’t Tell You

(Reblogged from Chelsea @ Eat Well and Travel Often)

There are a number of industry secrets that personal trainers choose not to tell their clients around, some of which could really save you a lot of time and money.

1. Fitness vs Nutrition
Personal trainers will tell you to work out for at least 1 hour a day, each day but this isn’t necessarily helping you lose weight. Your workout program is most likely doing far less for you in comparison to your nutritional program. My personal training definitely plays a factor in my health lifestyle and it is the only way to tone your body or grow muscle but the truth is that nutrition accounts for 70 to 90% of  your results.

2. Long term relationships with your PT
Personal trainers aren’t meant to be a year long routine that you see weekly, they are purely to teach you the ropes and educate you on what workouts will benefit you and your body goals. Long-term training clients become so dependant on their PT’s that they lose their self motivation. Once you have learnt how to workout and a number of workout routines that you can use, its time for you to implement that on your own and be your own motivation rather than paying someone to motivate you.

3. Don’t imagine it, do it
Believe it or not but your brain is a powerful tool when workout out. Your body doesn’t know whats real and what isn’t but if your brain tells it that you’re working out your body will believe it. A study was conducted of a man who visualised doing bicep exercises for 15 minutes a day, five days a week, gained an average if 35% muscle strength by the end of the 12 week study period. Tiger Woods swore by this daydreaming technique. Meditation also helps with motivation and self healing too!

4. Over workouts
There are usually two kinds of PT’s, the ones who don’t want to work you too hard to avoid pissing you off and the PT’s who push you to the point of regurgitation everything in your stomach. Excessive exercise is not a great workout at all, as much as your PT wants to push you as far as you can, resting has equal importance as the workout. You have to give our body enough time to recover and slow down your heart rate before you bring it back up again.

5. Your not really out of shape
Every Spring, potential clients are scared into PT lessons after a discussion with a trainer on how you need to get fit before Summer hits. From personal experience more than half of the clients I see actually are in great shape, sure everyone should add a workout routine to their weekly To-Do list but don’t let a personal trainer tell you that you need to sign up purely because you don’t look like Miranda Kerr or Gisele Bundchen. Everybody is different and just because your body doesn’t look like a VS model doesn’t mean that you are out of shape.

Click the link below to check out Chelsea’s blog – I easily lost a good hour or two reading all about her travels!

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