If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It?

Men Running Shirtless. OK, seriously, what’s the deal?

At the beach, sure!

In the pool, sure!

In the privacy of your own home, sure!

I’m all for it. But out in public, when running, and doing physically activity in where you’re exerting yourself…

No. I’m not loving it!

Can someone please explain what the deal is?

As a fellow runner, I’m not down with this. At times it’s kind of cringeworthy, because hey, there probably should be a basic level of fitness required before you get that game. And at other times, it’s downright discouraging. Because, um, “wow”… I. can’t. seem. to. drag. my. gaze. away… phew, am I puffed from the last 5km’s or…?

And I get that I’m being contradictory here, but I’m a woman, it goes with the territory.

I recently read a post from American based personal trainer Jamie Galloway published on HuffPost Healthy Living, who said hey guys, no nipples please.

Well, I’m willing to take it one step further and say,

Hey guys, just put a shirt on.. it’s not that hard.

For my own sanity, if not your own modesty.

Please put a shirt on, so that I can meet your eyes and exchange in the usual pleasantries and running camaraderie that I’ve grown to like.

So here’s my question, what are your thoughts?

8 responses to “If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It?

    • I’m with you on this! I don’t think it’s shallow, it’s about modesty. And covering up. Protecting your muscles with clothing support. Reducing sun exposure. That kind of thing 😉

      • Its totally about modesty!! It think that in itself is a really nice quality to have!! 😉

  1. Undecided – I’m not out on the street enough. When I’m jogging around the Wii island, everyone is fully clothed. I think I like it that way!

  2. I totally agree! As a fellow runner I hate seeing someone else’s wobbly bits mashed with hair, sweat and……well I’ll stop there. I figure if women can run in the heat with a singlet on then so can men. As for men with good abs while running bare…they always look like they are posing anyway so top on all the way 🙂

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