Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Calendar Update: 12 Days out from The Summer Challenge Deadline

Wait. Stop. Hold your horses. I need a second to process this. To digest this. To let my mind get used to this concept.


…OK, no. I don’t like it. I can’t get used to it. 12 days out from D-Day and I’m already calling it…


This is serious, I think I’m going to have to extend the deadline. That’s ok right? I mean, it is still summer. After January 1st, there’s still 8 weeks left of summer, that counts.. I think..?

But to be entirely honest with you, and myself, I’m not exactly failing. In fact, The Summer Challenge is going really well. I’m staying positive with the progress and changes I’ve been making. I know that I’m a little backlogged on the SHECANDO blog at the moment, and weeks 6-8 of the challenge are coming very soon, but things are still happening. The cogs have been churning away.

The best thing about The Summer Challenge so far is that it’s got me on the right path. I’ve achieved a balance, and harmony within myself. Because:

  • I am exercising

Albeit sporadically at times, but every little bit counts!

  • I am eating and being healthy

Not just in the ‘well I eat lots of fruit & veggies’ healthy, but the ‘I’m thinking about my food choices, where my food came from, the process it underwent to find itself on my plate, what’s it got in it, and how will this help my body function’ kind of healthy, and

  • I’m losing weight

Slowly but surely! In contrast to the saying ‘every little thing gained is a bonus’, I’m going to say, ‘every little bit lost is a win!’

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

(Except I’ll swap that chicken for fish and the carbs for steamed veggies and.. oh ok you get the point).

So with only (only?!) 12 days out from The Summer Challenge deadline (Jan 1st – soon to be rescheduled to a more user-friendly end-date), I am reflecting upon some wise words I read recently from Olive at her blog OliveToRun about being healthy, in both mind and body.

In a post entitled,

How Do You Define Healthy?,

she talks about the different facets of health and how to find a balance within yourself. The idea being that if you’ve achieved that, then you really are at one with yourself and can benefit from true health.

And you know what, I agree with her. As we approach the end of the year and reflect upon the year that was, doing a fair assessment means remembering that there is more at play than simply counting the km’s you may have run and how many carrot sticks you ate whilst successfully avoiding all other temptations. A proper and fair assessment should factor in so much more.

OliveToRun says, and I quote,

“Health is exercise. While also listening to your body.

Health is nutrition. While also keeping in mind, all things in moderation.

Health is spiritual. While reflecting and connecting with your inner thoughts.

Health is happiness. While being present.

Health to me, is a result of balance.”

(You can read the original post in its entirety from OliveToRun HERE)

So as I leave to go and reschedule my challenge, fully aware that I have not failed and am in fact well on my way to achieving true health, I give you this quote from Michelangelo. A quote that I suspect may feature highly in my upcoming resolutions for the year to come.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim to low, and achieving the mark.”

– Michelangelo

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