Did You Miss Me?

NannyShecando saying,


I used to nanny for some girls, (E & N – the older sisters to my favourite little Zacetac!) and everyday when I would pick E up from DayCare she would say,

Did you miss me?

What she actually meant to say was,

What fun things have you been doing and was it better than the games I’ve been playing at daycare?

… she managed to make her point all the same. It became a routine game each day. She’d pose the question and I’d list equally ridiculous activities pretending to have done that day with Zacetac in tow. She’d then weigh up whether my supposed riding on crocodiles and climbing coconut trees was more fun then her games of tag and finger painting. (Disclaimer: It was never a competition, just a funny little thing we did). Good times!



Taking my cues from the vivacious little E,  I pose you all this question,

Did You Miss Me?

What have you all been doing that I’m sure has been as equally as enjoyable as what we’ve been up to?

NannyShecando took some time off from the blog over Christmas and New Year and it’s been a little difficult to dust away all of those pesky lingering cobwebs in order to get back into the swing of things here in the blogging community that never sleeps. Because you know, there’s always a more attractive offer, such is the summer lifestyle in Australia. Bliss!

My to-do list goes something like this:

To Do List

When we resurface from the beach and I manage to lure myself out of #holidaymode from the quick tropical getaway I just had, I look forward to once again sharing the adventures & stories of a self-confessed Peter Pan and her tribe of not-so-lost little boys and girls.

In the meantime, let’s play a game of Did You Miss Me! Cast your minds back a few weeks (yes I know Christmas already seems like a long distant memory for some) and tell me your stories and I’ll tell you mine!

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