Invasion Of Social Media Platforms

Let’s Get Together!

Hey, people now,
Smile on your brother.
Let me see you get together,
Love one another right now.

– Jefferson Airplane Lyrics

I just spent the better part of my gloriously sunny Sunday indoors attempting to wade through a mountain of unread, flagged and the odd online discount shopping spam emails. I then spent the other part of my gloriously sunny Sunday attempting to reorganise Reading Lists and Bookmarks into some semblance of an organised disarray of semi-important web pages that I kind of thought were terribly important and interesting to begin with but that in all honesty, I’ll most likely never refer to again. Ever.

#Just keeping it real.

So I’ll be the first to admit that life is busy. I mean, really busy.

So busy that ‘being busy’ has almost become something to be desired – the latest “affliction” to be infecting the masses and toted with a good degree of pride as though it were a Gold Star Teachers Award. Well, something like that anyways. (This opinion has been purely formulated as a result of briefly skimming the aforementioned articles that came across my electronic desk months ago that only just got read).

I can tell you this though, the Do Not Disturb function is quite possibly my favourite and most utilised feature on my iPhone. Now that’s saying something. As a young lady in my early twenties, it’s not the Twitter app, not my growing addiction to documenting my every waking second on Instagram, and not even my iTunes library that rescues me from having to participate in any kind of polite discourse on the daily commute (because that would just be #awkward right?). In complete honesty, I truly declare that the DND button is my go-to lifesaver, and deliver me peace it does.

That being said – I’m also going to be realistic, because hey, that’s life!

Living in the modern-day world of technological advancements quicker than I can keep up with them (it’s not really my forté OK), and making a conscious effort to voluntarily participate in all that’s on offer through the heavenly provision of WI-FI, I have decided that the NannyShecando Blog needs a more online presence.


Code: NannyShecando is about to get schooled in the use of social media platforms for shameless self marketing & promotion.

At any rate, conversations with my family usually go a little like this:

.. and I feel like maybe they shouldn’t be the only ones. So hey everyone, I know life is busy and you’re all toting the ‘busy-ness’ award, but

Let’s Get Together!

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10 responses to “Invasion Of Social Media Platforms

  1. I agree! I’m constantly asked by my clients ‘How’s things? Busy?”. If one is not busy it is supposedly a sad thing. Akin to being unsuccessful or lazy.

  2. Following you on Instagram now. Sometimes all this online social media thing can take it’s toll on you. Like that time I forgot my Instagram and Facebook password which requires a SMS code for authentication (and I just happen to have forgotten to bring my phone as well)…

    • Thanks for the follow!
      Yes i know, it’s absolutely crazy the rigmarole we have to go through at times with all our various passwords and commitments etc. I do keep a file with all of my login details and passwords, the irony is that the most update version of this file is stored on my phone…. it’s not entirely going to help me when I lose my phone now is it!! Then again, I just installed Evernote. Problem solved!

  3. It’s great isn’t it! I should have got it ages ago…I’m a little slow to the starting line sometimes – a bit of a klutz when it comes to apps, computers, software and coding. So naturally, I’m always hesitant to drive right in at the beginning 😉

    • Haha it’s amazing how we all bring each other into out living rooms – so to speak. I’m undecided on Pinterest yet 😉 might keep that one just for my personal life at the moment. How about you? How do you manage the social media trends so as to drive SEO?

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