Are You Siri-ous?

The Monday Funny:

I Need [Scarlett Johansson] A Friend To Talk To

Miss Charlie and I were in the car the other day en route to a play date with some friends. They were going sailing out on the Harbour, now that’s some play date!

I had programmed the address into Google Maps and Siri was guiding me. Miss Charlie piped up from the back and says,

Why don’t I have series?
Mummy and Daddy have series on their iPads but I don’t.

Not sure what she was on about, I said something about how they might watch tv and have lots of series on their iPads but that she [Miss Charlie] only uses her iPad for games. There, done. Sorted. That’s that.

What? I watch tv too! Why would that mean I don’t have Series?
I really want to have Series.
I want to have a friend that I can talk to.

OK. I’m pretty sure she’s too young to have seen [that] episode of Big Bang Theory but maybe I’m wrong..

Finally realising that she was actually talking about Siri, that annoyingly monotonous voice in my phone that mispronounces street names, sends me the long way to the milk bar on the corner and calls my ex semi-mother in law instead of the boyfriend on voice call.. awesome.

Getting back to topic, I still wasn’t sure how to answer her question. I began to explain that different iPads have different models, that my iPhone was a newer model than her sisters and that Mummy’s iPad was even newer than Daddy’s. Then I began to explain how lucky she was to even have an iPad to call her own. Mercifully she was spared my ‘back in my day’ speech as we arrived at our destination, and with only three unexpected detours thanks to Siri and her affinity for sending us around the block, I’d say Miss Charlie got off lucky.

Still if I were her, I’d be rethinking that desire to have Siri and just elect to go more for the Scarlett Johansson in Her. Now she’s a person worth dreaming about when you’re in need of a person to talk to.

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