How To: Up-Cycled Photo Frames

How To Make:

Up-Cycled Photo Frame Art

#Great for Valentines day!


What You Will Need:

  • photo frames
  • acrylic based paints OR spray paints
  • paint brushes (size relative to the size of the frames)
  • paint mixing palates
  • coloured cardboard or photo backing paper
  • scrapbook sticker dots
  • scissors
  • plastic sheeting or plastic tablecloths

#Add something artsy to fill your photo frames!

I used a love heart stencil to cut out significant locations on a map of Sydney that were special to the me and the BF. I got the idea from my growing addiction to pinterest! You could also use special photographs or ticket stubs from movies, festivals, restaurant cards etc.

Photo Collage


  1. Suit everyone up in art smocks to protect clothing
  2. Cover the work area in plastic sheeting or an old plastic tablecloth
  3. Lay out the paints, paintbrushes and the photo frames
  4. Paint the frames in your chosen colours and leave to dry
  5. Whilst frames are drying, arrange your display art
    e.g. stick photos to cardboard or get a little crafty with some love hearts like I did!
  6. Fill your frames and wrap with a big red ribbon to give to your other half on Valentines Day!

Notes, Tips & Tricks:

This is a really easy, cheap and fun artsy DIY activity and perfect timing for Valentines Day coming up. I made these Up-Cycled Heart Photo Frames with Miss Charlie recently and she loved it! She has demanded that we make more for her bedroom, it’s a  done deal Miss!

#DIY Crafts and Activities!

What kinds of arts and crafts have you been getting up to lately? Email or comment through and ‘share some photos and tips’ and I’ll feature them in the new #ArtsnCrafts section coming soon!


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