The Art of War: Know Your Enemy

The Monday Funny:

I’d Be A Whale

#Disclaimer: reader’s discretion is advised – this post contains potentially offensive material

In the Summer School holidays just gone I took Miss Charlie to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. Similarly as to when the BF came to the zoo with us, thankfully my mum was in town and came along for the ride also. Meaning she could toddle on behind with Viv leaving me to be able to give my 110% attention to Miss Charlie as we raced about the Aquarium exploring. It was a great day out for all of us and we all learnt something new. Always a bonus!

Sydney Aquarium

We were sitting by the water having an ice cream afterwards when Miss Charlie posed an interesting question:

If you could be any sea animal, what would you be and why?

After a quick think and in-between trying to save my rapidly melting ice cream, I announced that I would be a dolphinMum followed me and said she’d also be a dolphin. Our reasoning being that they are angelic creatures, they travel in pods (so we wouldn’t be lonely), we both love the water, they have so much fun surfing the waves and they can even get a little feisty and hold their own with other predators.

I turned the question back to Miss Charlie, ‘Why, what do you think you’d be?’

Easy. I’d be a whale.

Ok fair enough, also an awesome water creature. ‘Why a whale?’

Well I’d be a Killer Whale to be exact. Because they don’t have any predators and can roam the oceans freely..

She paused for a beat and seemed to be considering something, before adding:

No predators, so long as they stay away from the Japanese that is!

..Well there you have it. You heard it here first folks!
And really what can I say other than, she has a point!

Please Note:
I am simply giving a voice to a little girl, and kids well, what can you do about the things that come out of their mouths. Personally, I blame the Discovery Channel. And when I say blame, I don’t really mean blame. I mean I applaud wholeheartedly. Besides, how very Sun Tzu of her.

See here for a brief outline on the history of Japanese Whaling.
To get involved, visit Sea Shepherd Australia and Greenpeace International.

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7 responses to “The Art of War: Know Your Enemy

  1. How wonderful that our young people are being educated in the ways of the world. Not only that, are able to think deeply about it and arrive at their own understandings and opinions. I applaud Miss Charlie and those involved in her education! 🙂
    BTW: No disclaimer necessary!

    • It truly is remarkable isn’t it! She just continues to blow me away time and time again. I’m excited to watch her grow over the years, it’s going to a journey of learning and discovery for me just as much as for her. Glad you appreciated the post, I took a gamble on it.

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