Update: Nanny Shecando Has Moved

Big, big news everyone:

Nanny Shecando Has Moved

to http://www.nannyshecando.com

So I’ve been a little quiet over here lately. I’m sorry for that.
But no, I haven’t forgotten about you all, I’ve just been in the process of moving!

What’s this? Moving you say?
With the packing boxes and the tape and the endless lists categorising which items are in which boxes?

Thankfully, I can say, Not Quite.

Luckily I was able to avoid the headache of packing and realtors. But I did face many moments of agony as deadlines popped up, screens went blank and that fearful moment when you think,

“Oh no I’ve lost it all. I’ve lost it all and it’s never coming back” and “Why on earth did I press that button when it told me specifically not to unless I was 100% percent sure!”

Because, even with the weeks and weeks of reading and researching and compiling notes and scrapping it all and then starting again, of course I still wasn’t sure.

Nevertheless, I have done it. I made the jump (only just, it was touch and go) into the world of domain names, self hosting servers and email clients, not to mention designers. Plus, it also looks great on your mobile devices meaning no more headaches!

blog, nanny, shecando, hope

nanny, shecando, blog, hope

You’re all most welcome to join in the tipples and bubbles that are flowing now that we’re settling into a new place.

Come and find me at


and make sure you subscribe to get all of the lovely posts and info delivered straight into your mail boxes.

Love, Nanny Shecando & kids. xx

w: http://www.nannyshecando.com
e: hope@nannyshecando.com

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