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So you're here and you want to connect. I like that, we're
similar you and me. Because I like to make new friends too!
I'm a little bit of a chatter box, and as testament to my
bio, I juggle a few things at once. So you've got options.
Options are gooood!

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If you’re not already doing so (It’s ok. I won’t get sad), you really should Follow Me. Click the link on my home page, pop in your email address and you could be getting the latest posts from NannyShecando delivered right into your inbox at home. How easy is that!


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Find me twittering sporadically (I’m still a spring chicken chirper) on Twitter @NannyShecando


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So hey, let's be friends, that way you can keep up with all
the happenings of a Nanny with a severe case of Peter Pan
syndrome who shares the adventures of her tribe of little
lost boys (and girls)!

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