Meet The Family

Thanks for stopping by at our little 'meet and greet' for
those who contribute to the NannyShecando blog. Come in,
shake our hands and get to know us!

VivAlso known as Bubba, Little One, Baby Viv and occasionally as Vivienne (if she’s in trouble). But really, who am I kidding, she’s currently 7 months old and adorable. There’s not an ounce of trouble in her… well OK, except for that cheeky grin!


Miss CAlso known as Miss Charlie, The Little Miss and The Six-Year-Old. She’s got a firing curiosity for all things animal related, science, DIY, creative, inventive and imaginative. Anything that holds the possibility of a “Why Question” is hers for the taking. And take it she will.


The Twins 1 & 2Also known as The Two Chatterboxes and Thing 1 and Thing 2. Keen on ballet, creative writing and all things horse-y but mostly enjoy chatting non-stop. Being identical female twins (yep, I’m not kidding), there’s a few subtle differences once you get to know them – a slight change in personality and a freckle here or there. But for the most part, they keep me always guessing as to ‘just who exactly I’ve been talking to’.

The Twins

The BFMy other-half-in-life & partner-in-crime, also referred to as Kevin for anonymity. A marathon runner, lover of oreos & chocolate milk,  wine connoisseur and intensely science(y) – hence being Miss Charlie’s favourite friend and preferred baby-sitter. In fact, they’re so tight they ganged up on me at the zoo and tricked me into getting up close and personal at the spider show. Not cool guys, not cool.

C C at Zoo

The Little Mr: Also known as JP. Wildly independent, witty, intelligent and lover of all things information & technology – yep, kinda throws me a for a six that does, I’m very lacking in that department. At seven years of age, his favourite thing to do is play Star Wars Lego and protest “No” whenever I suggest an easier way to do something. Fiercely defiant, The Little Mr hangs with me and his younger sister most Saturday nights for baby-sitting fun times.


ZacetacusMy favourite little boy, my first love. We shared 9 months together when he was little, teaching him to first crawl, then to swim and (finally) to walk. Well, could you blame him? When you get carried around everywhere, why would you want to walk? Evenings spent babysitting him and his two older sisters, E & N, are very special.


You can read more on the family breakdown and the happenings of a blended family by clicking this link,
A Regular Brady Bunch.

With love,

NannySheCanDo & kids. xx

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  3. Your blog is great! Just discovered it and I’m happy I did! I’m an au pair too since 3 months and I couldn’t have imagined how grateful I am to be a nanny to the cutest little baby boy! The love kids give back to you is endless! I absolutely love my job! Hope to read lots of your stories on here! 😉

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