The Kitchen

Welcome to our little recipe page.

  • “OUR” because all of the kids that I have had the lovely fortune to have worked with over the years have contributed in one way or another to these recipes.
  • “LITTLE” because they’re little-people friendly

I have a true love for being in the kitchen. It gives me happiness and serenity. Cooking (and baking) provide me with an avenue for artistic scope, experimentation and the development of new ideas. Mostly, I just like to get in the zone and be alone with my thoughts.

It’s an activity that I have enjoyed since I was a little one myself – dragging my stool to the bench to sit up and help Nanna bake cookies or to help my Dad make an absolute mess and use every pot and utensil available (poor mum never quite appreciated his help in the kitchen, the fallout always left way too much mess than you’d think possible). Later on I studied commercial cookery and hospitality and had great fun making an even bigger mess in even bigger and shinier kitchens.

These days I like to introduce the kids to the treasures to be found in the kitchen.

I’m also trying to do the same for the BF, but it’s a very slow work in progress!

All of these recipes are kid friendly: both to participate in the making of, and the eating of! They’ve become staples that are requested almost quicker than we can whip them up. Eggs, milk, sugar and butter are constants on the shopping list and fresh fruit provides the base for most creations.

We often turn to these recipes during our Friday-Fun-Days and they also make for great rainy day and holiday activities.

I find the best part about encouraging the kids to become actively involved in the kitchen is that they gain a better understanding of good foods and bad foods, sometimes and occasional foods and nutrient values. The concept of making good and wise food choices and moderation is always practiced.

A little tip: a sure-fire way to get kids to eat their veggies is to let them have a say as to how they’d like them prepared. Taking ownership of their decisions will often mean they forget about the so-called “yucky green vegetable” and simply see the end product of their making.

Disclaimer: some of these recipes are my own, some are borrowed and passed down from previous generations and some are taken from truly great chefs. All are true, tried and tested.

Enjoy & happy cooking. 

With love from NannySheCanDo and all of her lovely kids. xx

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