The Summer Challenge

Fine, Fit & Fabulous for Summer.


No, just kidding. No tears. But lots of sweat.

I have a 3-part plan:

  1. Healthy Living: translates to being happy and carrying ZERO stress
  2. Healthy Eating: translates to clean eating. I’m a big supporter of Intuitive Eating and the champion campaigner for all things fresh
  3. Healthy Exercise: I like to get outdoors and see the world – two birds, one stone.

Now that the specs are there for everybody to see, perhaps I should explain this page. For a while now (ok almost forever) I’ve had this goal. But for whichever reason, be it stress or uni or sickness or all of the above, I’ve never properly achieved it. I started working towards this goal last year, but I really only did it the cheat way and so it doesn’t count.

Firstly, I have to stress that this is not particularly my thing. Not the exercise and setting a goal, because that certainly is! But this kind of open-book type sharing. I’m normally one to hold back on all kinds of personal detail, even with my loved ones… well until I’ve had a few glasses of champagne that is, then it’s a different story. Or so I hear. Oops did I just say that out loud? And in public? Guess I did. Now that’s a surprise. So not me.  And so I guess now that the secrets are coming out for all to see, I best get into the spirit and do this properly. In keeping with a little miss ‘au contraire’, I plan to share my very personal journey in a very public space. Crazy right, I know!

The reason as to why I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this, is because I’m hoping that this public forum will lock me in and hold me accountable.

Deal No #1: No backing Out

Deal No #2: No Failure

Secondly, I should probably explain this “no failure” bit. It’s kind of important, given that I’ve already said here that I’m just a little bit of a competitive player! I do have a clause though, something of a get-out-of-jail-free card. Despite already having been told that by already having this kind of attitude, I’ve set myself up to fail, I beg to differ. Because you see, the lose 10kg is my dream. But I’m also going to be realistic, responsible and practical. In the same way that I’m into intuitive eating, I’m going to practice intuitive weight-loss. Meaning that 7kg might in fact work better for me and 10kg may just push things into the road less travelled. Scary world. I’ll see how it goes. And let you know.

Also, I must clarify this ‘letting you know’ business. I’m not going to share my actual weight. Because, well hey, that’s personal. I plan to keep a little mystery in this relationship we’ve got going. I will however do a weekly update on a Wednesday. An update of my activities, the yummy clean-eating cooking going on, the pitfalls and also the highs.

Lastly, I wish to stress my reasons for this. “Because I want to” is reason enough. This is true. I really want to. But there’s other motivation at play here. Extrinsic motivation in the sense of, “Oh hey, want to rock a new bikini come January 1st”?! … I think yes.

It’s this factor that I want to distinguish and draw a line between. Despite the allure of the rewards in the form of an updated wardrobe, it’s not my main reason. As I said, intrinsic outweighs all else (Ha, out- “weighs”. Get it!)

I’m doing this to be healthy. Not to be skinny. Kate Moss is not an icon. Being happy and fantastic, that is!

Wish me luck. xx

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