Week 1

The Summer Challenge Update: Week 1

It’s weigh in Wednesday. So let’s get down to the heavy!


1kg down. Yay!

9 more to go.

Firstly, I have to admit, this week went seriously fast! Almost too fast. Between additional work requirements events over the weekend, baby shower parties and anniversary dinners, it’s been kind of hectic. Read: wine-ing and dining. Gourmet style. Talk about being busy and hard to juggle. But hey, it’s not supposed to be easy right..?!

This week has been all about getting back into the healthy eating habit. Veggie juices, proper breakfasts (i.e. no skipping meals), snacking on fruit and veg instead of chocolate and fresh summer salads. The idea being that as you gradually cut out sugar and sweets, your body (and mind i.e. that damned voice in your head) begins to realise that you actually don’t need them, nor want them. This way, through Intuitive Eating, your body can properly identify cravings in terms of what you really need.

Snacking on that deliciously good chocolate bar because you think it’ll take less time than stopping to make lunch?

Think again, will it really be easier – long term?


10 Minute Abs.

oh. my. god.

the pain.

I’m not really a lover of these kinds of things. If it hurts, I stop. I really need someone else to yell at me and push me to work through the pain. I cannot wait until I hit the week 4-5 mark and it hopefully gets a whole lot easier. Fingers crossed. But hey, no pain no gain. Am I right?!


  • Green Juices

Yep, I’m kind of on the juicing bandwagon at the moment. Especially the Green juices. I’m not usually one to follow the trends and the rest of the crowd but seriously, when it’s this good, how can you not?!

I’m really loving this green juice at the moment. It looks kinda yucky, as though you’re going to need to screw up your face as you drink it, but it tastes so good. The lemon and cucumber sweeten it!

Be A Greeny Juice

  • Summer Salads

I’ve always been a big lover of salads. They’re fresh, healthy, versatile, full of quality nutrients and diverse. These days you can pretty much make a salad out of anything.

Sometimes I stick to the French salad philosophy and go with one green lettuce, one fruit, one nut and a cheese. Like this Pear & Blue Cheese recipe that you can get here.

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

Other times I love to throw a whole heap of ingredients into the mix and overload it with colour and texture. This option is a particular favourite of mine. Given that I’m a pesky (read: pescetarian – you can see a definition here) I always try to incorporate as much protein as possible into the mix.

  • The easy Mid-Week dinner

This week was pretty hectic, and normally I’d have taken the lazy way out and opted for take away. Ok guilty, I did, but it was sushi and vietnamese spring rolls. So not that bad…

I also made these yummy Spinach and Cheese Quesadilla’s. Light and (kind of) healthy and quick and easy. Just the right requirements for a mid-week throw together. You can check out the recipe here.

Spinach and Feta Quesadillas 1 500


I’m doing this to be healthy. Not to be skinny. Kate Moss is not an icon. Being happy and fantastic, that is!

Wish me luck. xx

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