Week 3

The Summer Challenge Update: Week 3

It’s weigh in Wednesday. So let’s get down to the heavy!


Another 1kg down. Yay!

8 more to go.

Despite a couple of challenges, namely Conflict In The Workplace and a crazy kid filled weekend (sleepovers at my place are the newest thing apparently), this week has been a lot better. The best part is that the BF has also decided to re-prioritise his schedule and put running back on top. This means that I once again have a running partner (read: motivation and someone to yell at me to get out of bed in the morning). It’s a really good thing. Of course we have different styles, he’s a well practised marathon runner and well, I’m still trying to get my fitness levels back. But it’s still nice to be able to share a little camaraderie in our efforts.

I got super organised this week (well more than usual anyways) and did a meal plan. Lots of fresh veggies and organic products. I even made this Banana Bread recipe. Naturally it didn’t last long over the weekend with those pesky kids hanging around! Of course the downside to cooking regularly and actually sitting down to a meal together at our new dining table, when combined with a mutual appreciation for wine, has meant that evenings look a little more like this:


The outcome means that I’ve learnt a lesson in restraint. OK, guilty, I guess I’m still learning. But a glass (singular) is not that bad, right?!


10 Minute Abs.

Have kind of fallen by the wayside this week. Naughty me. Got to get back to it. It’s just so hard. Will some send me over Channing Tatum please? With inspiration like that how could I not push through?

Tai Chi.

I’m really loving Tai Chi right now. I’ve been learning it for a couple of months and I’ll be honest, it’s slow going. Real slow. But it’s also really interesting. And relaxing. Well, it’s relaxing when you manage to stop stressing over what position you’re supposed to be doing next. So kind of like never for me, I’m a bit of a stress head. Was it the Cat stance? Do my feet need to be turned out to the left or was it my hands? Oh wait, quick someone grab me, my legs are tangled up, I’m going to fall!


Walking: 18km

Running: 12.5km

Total Distance: 30.5km


  • Watermelon

Watermelon is pretty much one of my all time favourite foods. Yep, it definitely gives chocolate and wine some pretty stiff competition. I can easily eat an entire slab of watermelon in a few hours if I’m given half the chance. I think I’ve probably loved watermelon ever since I was little and was told that there was a watermelon growing in my teacher’s very heavily pregnant belly – that’s what happens when you eat the seeds! Strangely enough, I took a liking to the seedless variety very soon after that.

Here’s How To Pick A Good Watermelon From The Stack:

  1. Check it out! No really, look it over. Inspect for bruises, cuts or dents and make sure it looks symmetrical
  2. Weigh It – a watermelon is 90% water so it should feel heavy
  3. Turn it upside down – the watermelon should be slightly pale on the underside from where it sat on the ground

And there you have it, your fun fact for the day. Voilà!

Also, check out this recipe here for Watermelon and Mint Salad. It’s my go to for a refreshing, light snack on a hot summer day.

  • Thermomix

‘The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance’


So I’m thinking about getting one of these. I’ve used them and I just think they’re simply amazing. An all-in-one kitchen appliance that is efficient, saves time and can do just about anything. Also, it’s compact and saves all important bench space – a priority when you live in an apartment yet also enjoy the essential facilities of a professional kitchen. Outcome: there’s only so much space to work with..

Anyone else a fan?

  • The easy Mid-Week dinner

No takeaway this week, not even sushi. Now that’s an achievement! Except, I miss my beloved sushi. So, here’s my question:

Is it really an achievement?

I did manage to whip up this delicious recipe for fresh Pan Fried Dory and Lemon Pepper Greens. It’s super quick, healthy and easy – just the right requirements for a mid-week throw together. Click the link above and go check it out!

Right now I’m feeling good. But I seriously need to work on getting my running mojo back.

How to make running a habit?

I’ll keep you updated during the week as I try out different methods of forming a habit.

I’m doing this to be healthy. Not to be skinny. Kate Moss is not an icon. Being happy and fantastic, that is!

Wish me luck. xx

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