Week 4

The Summer Challenge Update: Week 4

It’s weigh in Wednesday. So let’s get down to the heavy!


1kg down.

7 more to go.


10 Minute Abs.

OK I have to admit, and because I said that I would use this public forum as a medium to hold myself accountable, I stopped doing these. They’re just not my thing. Yes I want a bikini body, and having a washboard stomach definitely helps this image, but my brain decided it wasn’t worth the pain. Oh well.

In Week 4, I upped the mileage and upped the frequency. Not but a huge amount, but increased the turnaround between running days. This was great and after the first few days I could tell that my body was loving it! I could feel my cardio levels getting better and my strength to run on tired legs was increasing.

Except, it turns out that I made a fatal and giant mistake in Week 4. Oh no, disaster alert! It was completely my own fault and can only be chalked up to being incredibly lazy and lacking in self-regulation.

I forgot to stretch. And ice. And foam roll.

And when I say that I forgot, I mean that I just neglected to. Not completely, but not within the first crucial moments after my run. Major Issue! This was mainly because I was running to work. Running to work has been a great motivator for me, I figure I need to get to work anyways so I may as well run there! Except, given my appreciation for being on time (if not early) to work, and anticipating the busy rush of school morning madness, I preferred to clock on early as opposed to stopping for 5 minutes to stretch out my muscles and take a breath. Oopsies.


Walking: 10km

Running: 26km

Total Distance: 36km 



  • Quinoa

I know I already talked about the benefits of Quinoa in Week 2 of the Summer Challenge, but I just wanted add a little follow-up note. Pens & Paper ready?


So remember when I was saying that you should always rinse quinoa really thoroughly to make sure you wash off the soapy residue called Saponin? Well, you really should make sure you do this! Because:

I had a (very mild) allergic reaction to Quinoa!

It was most likely my own fault, I don’t think I rinsed it thoroughly. That and I was trialling a new brand of Quinoa from a whole foods shop.

Quinoa has a naturally occurring toxic substance on it that
can easily be removed by washing it properly.
If you do not wash quinoa properly, you can ingest the
naturally occurring saponin, which protects the plant from
insect and fungal attacks. Saponin is soapy, bitter, and
toxic, and is actually used to make detergents. So you really should not eat it. When you ingest, your body recognises the toxin coming in with the protein and will attack it.
Symptoms can range from mild itching, to red itchy spots, to upset tummy issues, to anaphylaxis scares!

Thankfully I just experienced some crazy itching and swollen toes and fingers (mild symptoms compared to anaphylaxis shock) and self-administered with antihistamines that I had on hand. Phew, crisis averted!

The risk is that the next time you eat Quinoa, no matter how well you wash it, your body may recognise the protein and associate it with the toxin, attacking it again and again.

For more info on Quinoa and the risk of allergic reactions, check out these pages:

 This week I’m feeling good, but I’m cautious of impending injury due to increasing my mileage and not stretching. Rookie mistake!

Check in to Week 5 to see how I go!

And remember, “Slow and steady wins the race!”

I’m doing this to be healthy. Not to be skinny. Kate Moss is not an icon. Being happy and fantastic, that is!

Wish me luck. xx

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